PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 4


The Botanic Gardens in Sydney are lovely with lots of native flora – but these delightful Gazanias are from Southern Africa. They are also known as the Treasure flower so I figured they were appropriate for the challenge.


glassThis week I have had a delightful trip south to meet up with Meg from the blogosphere who very kindly took me all around the Eurobodalla region. This interesting mirror was in a perfectly preserved heritage village called Tilba in the south of New South Wales.


Interesting edges in this art installation at the National Gallery in Canberra. The installation is called “Skyspace” and is by  American artist James Turrell.



Two Wallabies at Potato Point, south NSW. I would have liked to have got one with a baby in its pouch, but sadly not.


My triumph was actually making it to Potato Point this week to meet up with a fellow blogger who I became friends with over the year.  A walk on the beach revealed these beautiful shells.

Finished up in Canberra where my eldest Granddaughter lives and it has been wonderful to spend time with her (and her boyfriend). Lovely to see her in her own environment.

It has been an exciting week and so lovely to be shown places that I don’t know about by a botanical expert and a friend. Once virtual now for real. Thanks Meg for a great week and for putting up with me 🙂

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

34 thoughts on “PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 4”

  1. Another great post prompted by themes. I love the way you do this. The gazanias are indeed treasure. And you saw in Turrell’s “Skyspace” relations and shapes that weren’t there for me. It was a great pleasure to have you in my world, which I saw afresh as I showed it to you.

    There is a corrigendum. I am absolutely no expert!

    1. Well I think you are! Hope your journey to Qlsd is better than ours today from Canberra to Sydney – we hit 4 storms with lightning and torrential rain and zero visibility. Safe travels Meg 🙂

  2. It is great to meet someone in the flesh, when you already feel that you know them from the blog. I have only managed it once, but it was most rewarding.
    Some very good photos too. I liked the unusual installation in the gallery.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

    1. Cheers Pete, a bit difficult to blog this week as I have been busy every day and tired in the evening! Good though. Off to NZ on Tuesday so I am looking forward to that and new explorations 😀 Hope all is well in Beetley and that you don’t get dumped with snow any time soon!

      1. I am envious of your globe-trotting, and hope you have a great time in NZ. It is actually sunny here today, and reasonably mild. So bright, we had to close the curtains in the living room, or we were unable to see!
        Don’t jinx us with snow. I am hoping not to see any at all this year. Can’t stand the stuff! X

  3. I needed some treasure this morning, Jude 🙂 I recognised the Skyspace shots from Meg’s. Glad you had such a lovely time together. We could start a shell fest, couldn’t we? 🙂

    1. Like the idea of a shell fest! Meg lives in the most glorious place, I quite envy her 🙂 Hope she makes it to the UK (she is very tempted by our homespun posts) as she made me so very welcome and I’d love to repay the favour.

  4. What a great way to end your oh so short time down under Jude. Meg lives in such a beautiful part of Australia. I love how you use the photo 101 challenge to fill us in on your week, great photos. I especially love the kangaroos.

    1. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far, I will have a few days after NZ before I fly home, but it has been a really interesting visit so far. Sad that I didn’t have time to get up to see you and Jack, but hopefully next time!

      1. It would’ve been a real treat for us to get together, but as you say, maybe next time. Enjoy NZ and the rest of your time down here in the sun.

  5. You’re having a ball! Lovely to meet a fellow blogger, and I join others in saying what a great idea to use the photography 101 to show us your travels! 😀

        1. I will have to come up with some way of summarising the week! Or just use the usual photo challenges. I’m sure I’ll think of something, if I have anything to blog about that is 😀

  6. I’ve really enjoyed your weekly wrap-up from Australia. Your photos are so great and I get to pretend I’m there too!

    How wonderful that you got to meet a virtual friend … what a great bonus! This is the type of thing I never expected when I started blogging! 🙂

    … and I’m sooooo envious you are off to New Zealand!!!

    1. Glad you have enjoyed the weekly wrap-up Jo. Made it easier for me but now that it has ended I may have a problem next week, though I may not have a connection. I am looking forward to seeing NZ for the first time though it really a family holiday so I am not expecting to see an awful lot. I’ll do my best to get some decent photos though 🙂

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