Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons #3

The beginning of spring. March.  Came in like a lion, roaring winds and sharp bursts of rain punctuated with an odd day of almost summer warmth. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do my walk on that day and ever since it has been grey and gloomy although I did grab a few shots last Monday when it was sunshine and clouds.

DSCF0849Not a lot happening here on Dinham, except the skip has been moved. Bet you never even noticed that last month! One thing about Ludlow is that there are so many old houses the tradesmen always have work – new roofs, window repairs, renovation projects etc.


Date: March 15 2015
Weather: Cloudy
Temperature: Cold (7°C but feels like 4º)
Time: 2 – 3 pm

But there is life in the Castle gardens – lovely golden daffodils dancing in the chilly wind. And soon there will be blossom appearing too. And although people are walking around today on Mother’s Day, no-one is yet sitting on any of the benches.

Signs of spring
Signs of spring
A cottage garden on Dinham

The thing I notice most on this walk, apart from all the dog-walkers, is the sound of birds singing. I wish I could capture that. A pair of courting ducks sit on the wall of Dinham bridge and watch over their friends swimming far below. The view is not so great today in the grey. The water looks cold.


I search for signs of new life, but there is very little difference between now and last month. I was hoping there would be more greenery. And I can’t see my swans today. I hope they are safe. The trees on the top of Whitcliff are just the same as last month, only the sky is different.

DSCF0911A bench on the corner at Ludham catches my eye as it is surrounded by late flowering daffodils still in bud. I wonder if they will be open next month when I pass by this way.


Lower Broad Street is empty, though one elderly gentleman did a sweet dance for me in front of the camera. I was too embarrassed to photograph him then, but caught a shot from behind. He did at least make me smile in the cold. A few pots of early daffs, some vibrant primulas and a winter-flowering erica added some colour to the drabness of the day. The crocuses and blossom I found last week on a sunnier day.

DSCF0924The Cardinal has decided to have a photo project going throughout 2015 – a blogging event, a monthly photo challenge. Find a location near your home, take somewhere between 5-20 photos and post them in a gallery in your blog. Continue to do this every month. The idea is to capture all the changes: the seasons, the weather, different times of the day, some night photography perhaps?

Hopefully there will be more dramatic changes next month, I’m certainly hoping so!

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

59 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons #3”

    1. I’m expecting a huge whoosh! An explosion of green! Need more sunlight and warmth though, it is still cold here.

  1. Oh, looks like a lovely area. I will be anxious to see the monthly “growth!”

  2. Lovely to see the daffodils Jude. Here to owe are hearing more birds. The geese are terribly confused as we had a big dump os now last night. A bit early me thinks. 🙂

  3. These photos are all beautiful and how lovely to view and get a sense of your area. I imagine tradespeople keeping very busy with the upkeep of those wonderful homes.

    There is such a difference between the age of the “historical buildings” in Europe, compared to the “historical buildings” here in the US. Here in California, which is a rather young state, we fawn over our own “historical buildings” that are not even 200 years old. We visited a church in Peterborough there in the UK that I think was over 1,000 years old…

    I adore the photo of the elderly gentleman — especially knowing that he did a sweet dance for you! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lola Jane, I live in a very old town – buildings here go back to the 12th century. I must admit I was very embarrassed when he did his jig for me, he didn’t say a word either, just pirouetted in front of the camera!

      1. He pirouetted? Haha! That makes it even more fun. He was being in the moment, and the older I get, the more I try to enjoy people expressing themselves in this spontaneous way. Funny, when kids start dancing in this way, we think its cute, but older people…well, maybe its us that get embarrassed watching. 🙂 In your case, he had a captive audience maybe…

    1. Part of the town walls as the Dinham Gate is practically where I am taking this photo from (well it would be if it was still there). I am looking forward to seeing this garden through the year.

  4. MARVELLOUS idea, Jude ! – Steve Rosenberger told me this months ago, and now I realize how true it is: “we want to see where you live” ! 🙂

    1. I was captivated by those ducks, took several photos as they preened and shook their feathers at each other 😀

  5. The way you’ve presented it, the town looks empty. Here’s hoping it warms up for you soon.
    7°C would be a very severe winter’s day in my city. 🙂

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