Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons #9

Month number nine already and the summer is slipping away fast. Not that there has been much of a summer in this region, July and August proved to be wetter than average and colder too. No sitting outside on a warm evening sipping a cold Sauvignon blanc. More a case of looking for the bedsocks.

Entrance to Ludlow Castle

Date: September 11 2015
Weather: sunshine and overcast
Temperature: Mild (17°C)
Time: 12:30 – 14:30 PM

Corve Street – looking south to the Shropshire Hills

September in Ludlow is Food Festival time when the town is invaded by visitors seeking the perfect sausage on the sausage trail. The three butchers compete to create a new one each year. So far I have only tasted the boar, sage and red currant one but can report that it is VERY nice. In fact some are sizzling in the pan as I write this. If that doesn’t float your boat then there is a Real Ale Trail and Pudding Tastings too as well as many different exhibitors, demonstrations and free samples.

We’ll begin then with a few views of the festival and some of the interesting window displays that shops enter each year. I don’t agree with the results, but what do you think? And I shall link these to Dawn’s Lingering Windows.

First Prize: Harp Lane Deli

Second Prize: Jewellers

Third Prize: Emporos

Now for a wander around the town which is a lot quieter than I would have expected on this first day of the festival. But a class of excited youngsters queue up in Castle Square to stroke the ‘dog in the pram’ which makes its presence here every year to raise money for the Animal Hospital.

Castle Square

And there are a few people milling around the castle gardens among the lime trees, picnicking on the grass or sitting eating ice-cream on the benches. I notice a few changes in the colour of the foliage as I pass by on my way down to the river. As you can see it is warm enough to do without a jacket today. (And the lime/linden trees are still looking good ET).

Along the river things still look very green.

Castle and Castle Weir

And much is the same along the Breadwalk. I’d hoped to find some fungi, but not much of interest was to be seen. Maybe next month it will be a little more riveting in the woodland. Hope you have enjoyed the wander this month and not eaten too much at the festival 🙂

Summer’s end

The Cardinal has decided to have a photo project going throughout 2015 – a blogging event, a monthly photo challenge. Find a location near your home, take somewhere between 5-20 photos and post them in a gallery in your blog. Continue to do this every month. The idea is to capture all the changes: the seasons, the weather, different times of the day, some night photography perhaps?

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36 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons #9”

  1. I like the sound of the boar sausage, and the annual pudding tasting always appeals. It is good to see the effort made in the town, even if some of the windows are not to your taste.
    The leaves and twigs are falling steadily now in Beetley, but everything is still green. The colours will be turning by the end of this month, no doubt.
    Ollie wanted to go and see the food festival, but I had to tell him that he wouldn’t be allowed into the marquees, to taste those sausages.

    (A flirtation with an infra-red filter there, Jude? Or is it called something else?)

    Regards as always, Pete. x

    1. Ollie would have had a ball, loads of dogs in Ludlow – they even hold a dog event at a local stately home each year I’m sure Ollie would easily win something there, ‘most wrinkles’? ‘best expression’? Got the Chilli and fennel sausages to try today 😉

      The inverse image was Photoshop’s graphic pen effect. The original was a bit too white.

        1. There is the Norfolk Showground ‘All About Dogs’ every year. We have been twice, but this year it was held in torrential rain, so we gave it a miss. It is massive, and you get lots of free samples!

    1. A new business though, so maybe encouragement? I always love Emporos – theirs is so tastefully done and I love the butcher bike with the pelargoniums!

  2. A very nice way to spend a few hours I would think, I mean on a sausage and beer trail. 🙂 Food festival always get me out. The town atmosphere seems nice too.

    Not sure what the judging criteria were, but the first 2 displays aren’t particularly appealing.

  3. What a beautiful place – and the food festival looks awesome to join in – The Jewelers looks very interesting 😉 Thank you for lovely tour – great images!

  4. Jude this looks like great fun. I think the Ale trail sounds more up my alley than the sausage. 🙂 Beautiful photos of the berries and ‘summer’s end’.

  5. I love the way bed socks replace Sauvignon blanc – a really telling image of seasonal failure to deliver. Corve St looking south; the jewellers window; the castle and the weir; the green green trees – these are a few of my favourite things. You obviously still haven’t exhausted the beauties of Ludlow – any more than I have of my home turf, I suppose.

    1. I used the Corve Street shot to illustrate that the town is surrounded by countryside. 5 mins walk and you are in the middle of fields! I hope the trees will be a bit more colourful next month, but we haven’t had the heat this summer for dramatic changes.

  6. Every time you post photos of Ludlow, I fall in love with it a little bit more. The photo of the river with the Castle on the right and Corve Street are my favourites. If I ever get a chance to visit, I’ll have to remember the Food Festival in September 😉

    1. There is also one in May! And local produce markets every fortnight. In fact it is better to visit when there isn’t a festival as it is quieter then 🙂

  7. What a perfect venue for a food fair and I’d be very happy there tasting as many samples as i could 😉 and maybe even helping a hedgehog! What’s wrong with the windows then? A bit twee and jumbly for me but I’m sure they were lovely up close.
    We have a food festival every year in our ‘castle’ but I’ve never been, crazy eh?

    1. Not so many window displays this year and a couple that I couldn’t photograph properly because of the reflections – those black and white’s really ruin a photo some times. I thought Emporos was much better than a shelf of teacups with pearls and amber stones, pretty as it was, and the deli was a bit haphazard. Still, I have no idea of the criteria. I don’t venture into the castle area either Gilly, I’m too mean to part with my money and I’m too old and not bothered about learning knife skills and how to cook at this point in my life! I’ve finished with all that baking lark too.

  8. I think you’d struggle to find an image that said “Olde England” more clearly than the picture of the castle and weir. By the way, a boar, sage and redcurrant sausage with some beer is something I’ve never had, but it does sound delicious.

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