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It is rare that I reblog a post by someone else, but this work is so amazing I felt I had to bring it to a wider audience. Emma de Bruin is an incredibly talented artist. Please leave any comments on the original post, where you will find more examples of her work.


Earth Under My Feet

Those who follow my work will know that photography has become the ultimate medium for visual storytelling for me, with the technology available today allowing photographers to capture magical moments in such exquisite, incredible detail that our pictures appear alive and virtually breathing.
I didn’t think anything could beat photography for capturing detail, expression or raw emotion by painting with light to make subjects come alive.  Until I discovered the breathtaking work of Emma de Bruin, a diminutive 20-year old Architecture student from Cape Town whose art takes portraiture to a whole new level for me.
I fell in love with her recently adopted use of a fountain pen and ink as a medium.  The below owl drawings (Emma modestly refers to them as “quick practice sketches”) were her first sketches using this technique whereby a fountain pen nozzle is dipped into a pot of ink.  “I…

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