October Squares | Day Six

This month Becky (the Queen of Squares) has challenged us to find lines. In Squares naturally. That is the only proper ‘rule’. I have been dipping into the archives for this one, as well as finding local lines.

Crossed Lines

Building in Sydney, Australia. November 2014. Click image to enlarge.

October Squares | Day Six

And because I deliberately composed this shot on a tilt and cropped in tightly to highlight the crossing of the vertical and horizontal contrasting lines I am linking to the lovely Patti’s post.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #66 | Filling the Frame

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31 thoughts on “October Squares | Day Six”

    1. or maybe we are looking down? You certainly have me tilting my head!!! Great set of lines 🙂 hope you got all the bulbs in yesterday

      1. We’re looking up and yes, on a tilt 🙂 Bulbs didn’t get planted yesterday as the cloud and rain appeared, but I did get some white cyclamen in the border. Just off outside now to see if I can get some crocuses planted.

    1. Thank you Su. Focused on the cross in this one, but I was quite taken with a lot of the buildings in Sydney for patterns etc.

        1. Looks interesting. My son has moved to Brisbane now though so I’m not sure I’ll be visiting Sydney for a while. I do hope to visit Brisbane though and maybe / hopefully New Zealand.

    1. Thanks Patti 🙂 I do like getting close in with my flowers, but it works equally well on different subjects depending on what the focus is.

      1. WhatsApp me when you have a minute. Bit frantic here. One couple arrived last night, one going home this evening. Sending hugs 🙂 🙂

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