2020 Photo Challenge #40

October’s theme / technique: Seascapes

If you want to see what this month’s assignments are in advance then please click here. All the assignments are available from the menu on the left under the 2020 Photo Challenge / Assignments.

This can be your typical beach scene of blue water, white sand and beach umbrellas, or it can be more dramatic. Above all make sure you are safe and not likely to be cut off by the tide if you go wandering along the shoreline. Winter storms can make for dramatic shots of waves breaking over a promenade or against the cliffs, but don’t take risks.

Consider three essentials – place, time and means. The most important being place. To discover the perfect position you might have to take your time. When you see a view that looks promising, put your camera away, slow down, walk and look, walk a little more and look a little harder.

    • You might like to soften the water or freeze the waves..
    • Rocky outcrops, lighthouses, surfers, lifeguards all make good subjects

If you are unable to take seascapes or don’t have any in the archives that you would like to use then by all means substitute seascapes with landscapes.

This week's assignment - try and capture something unique or something ordinary but in an unique way

Capturing my favourite lighthouse (Godrevy) in the fog remains one of my most favourite images (August 2018). Summer fog or sea fret is very different to the cold grey stuff in winter and very common here in Cornwall during August, so be warned if you are thinking of holidaying down here!

If you would like to join in with the 2020 photo challenge then please take a look at my 2020 Photo Challenge page. No complicated rules, just a camera required 🙂

    • Create your own post with some information about how you composed the shot.
    • Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it too
    • Add the tag #2020PhotoChallenge so everyone can find your entry easily in the WP Reader
    • Get your post(s) in by the end of the month, as the new theme begins on the first Sunday in November.

Thanks to everyone who took part in last month’s POV assignments. I have tried to leave a comment on all the blogs that have linked to mine, but I have noticed in some cases the comment has not shown, so please check your spam folder!

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