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To find out more about this year’s photo challenge here on Travel Words, please read this post.

This month we will be looking for Purple. A secondary colour made from red and blue, though you can find many different shades of purple. Try to stay clear of violet though as that will be making its own appearance. Although found in nature in shades of crocuses, lilacs, and irises look for the bruised colours in a sunrise or sunset, an indigo sea, a full moon in an inky sky. The darkness of a red wine, a rich velvet curtain or a starling’s wing.

What’s your favourite purple Picture?

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

53 thoughts on “Life in Colour”

    1. Purple shades are a mix of red and blue so more reddish – usually darker than violets? Does that help?

  1. I’m starting to think purple is a colour I get argumentative about (who, me??? 🙂 ) I don’t see purple at all in this bird, and I don’t regard a wine-colour as purple, either. It’s crimson, plum, damson- one of those nice descriptive words 🙂 Happy Sunday!

    1. I didn’t see the purple at first, but it’s there I think. I also think that in the context of this challenge, and more widely in fact, purple is a ‘brand’, with subsets which include damson, violet, plum, grape, periwinkle, lavender, mauve …. It had better do, anyway, or I shan’t be able to join in! Anyway, this is a gorgeous study of a starling, so any excuse to showcase it is fine with me 😉

      1. As I said to Jo, many variations with secondary colours. Purple is red and blue. Violet on the other hand has its own wavelength and is seen as bluish. I’ll hunt down an image to try and show the differences, and looking at my starling, perhaps I should have used him in the violet month! Although there is an overlap at the darker end of the colours.

        1. I do actually struggle to understand why violet hasn’t got its place on the purple spectrum. I’ll have to go away and think about it, because I feel befuddled at the moment.

        2. Violet is a true colour unlike purple. All to do with the spectrum. Don’t ask me anything else as I gave up Physics when I was 14! 😭

    2. You are being cantankerous today! You don’t see glossy purple in his head or wings? Almost black? As for purple itself, well it’s like any secondary colour, there are different shades and tones and hues. Like green. There isn’t just one green. Plum is a shade of purple. Damson is too though veering towards the red side. Crimson on the other hand definitely belongs to the red group. We don’t all see the same colours anyway. And monitors/screens all have their differences so I can’t really say what colours anyone sees in this image apart from what I see.

      You are just cross because you are going to be overrun by English tourists in a couple of weeks time.😖

      1. That’s the very least of my worries. 🤣💕 I just find the subject very subjective but if you accept that there’s no problem.

        1. I rather like a bit of criticism, shows people are engaging with the post. But why aren’t you on the beach?

        2. We seldom do beach at weekends because they can get busy. Prefer to have them to myself. As it happens it was raining this morning so I wrote tomorrow’s post then we came for a walk. Cafe stop now. No cake 🙄💕 I can take a hint. I’m outta here 🤗💕

        3. Oh, darn. I don’t have one for you as I thought I had another week. You need to sort yourself out girl!

        4. That’s fine. Something special happened in the week and I’d like to post it now. I have enough walks to include. When I post fortnightly it’s easy to miss people. I’m due a blogging break soon. I think people have about had enough of me 🙄💕

  2. What a stunning picture!
    A beautiful bird, and wonderful colours.
    Colours, like so much in life are subjective –
    I love Margaret’s subsets. Bring on the ‘damson’! 🙂

    1. I agree, a beautiful bird. They’ve all disappeared again from here now and no signs of swifts yet.

    1. I don’t mind at all Janet. As for Jo, we have to forgive her, she is a northerner and we are known for our bluntness. It’s been quite amusing 😊

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