So many images came to mind when I looked at this week’s WPC. But could I find a delicate feather, a frothy dandelion clock, a spider’s silken web, ethereal mist, a tissue-like poppy, gossamery seeds blowing in the wind, a downy duckling, featherweight sycamore helicopters swirling in the breeze or a light as a feather sponge-cake? No, or rather, none that haven’t been published before. Even the cake.

AIR colour popping

So I decided on this hot-air balloon which I used to see silently floating overhead on the still, hot, late summer evenings in Surrey. I would hear the roar of the burners through our open windows, as the balloon filled with hot air, and then rush outside to see it as it drifted upwards over the neighbouring houses.

This was captured in nearby Petworth Park, West Sussex when the balloon was practically at eye-level.

Eye of the tiger

Tiger’s Eye gemstone is a form of quartz, most of them found in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. The quartz group contains a greater variety than any other group and is itself divided into three sub-groups. Tiger’s eye and Falcon’s eye belong to the Massive Group. Colours range from pale gold through brown to red and blue. It has a silky lustre and beautiful light-catching qualities. The stone itself is common fibrous blue asbestos permeated by quartz.

This powerful stone aids harmony and balance, and helps you to release fear and anxiety. It is believed that the gemstone will help in physically balancing your body and help heal broken bones.

This golden brown stone is a Capricorn birthstone as well as a Gemini birthstone.