postcard from america

Sunset over Hyde Street Pier San Francisco

People don’t often associate San Francisco with beaches, but there are some around. One of the reasons I like to stay in Fisherman’s Wharf is the fact that I can go down to the beach at sunset and see the colours over the bay. The historic ships at Hyde Street Pier add to the atmosphere. 

Square September: Pink

Becky’s September square photo challenge Day 23!  She would like us to share photos which embrace ‘pink’ –  there could be pink in the photo, the subject or photographer could be ‘tickled pink’*, or indeed looking ‘in the pink’*.  A photo that manages to do all three things is the ultimate offering.

An autumn sunset - there had to be at least one pink one!

This is it: the end of summer. The nights are now longer than the day. The autumn equinox falls on 23 September and officially marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The word equinox comes from the Latin for “equal night”.

*in the pink’ means in perfect condition, or in good health, and ‘tickled pink’ means delighted.

September Squares | Pink

WPC: Refraction

Red, orange and pink clouds occur almost entirely at sunrise and sunset and are the result of the scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere. When the angle between the sun and the horizon is less than 10 percent, as it is just after sunrise or just prior to sunset, sunlight becomes too red due to refraction for any colours other than those with a reddish hue to be seen. ~Wikipedia


I used to live in a second-storey flat that faced east-west. This meant that we could view both sunrises and sunsets. The most spectacular sunsets were in the autumn months. I miss those skies.