home thoughts from abroad

Home thoughts from abroad is a new series on Travel Words featuring a single photograph that reminds me of a country visited and showing something that uniquely identifies it as being ‘abroad’.

This pretty little restaurant is at Church Point 32kms north of Sydney and the large outdoor deck is suspended over the Pittwater – my son and his partner took me there for lunch and breakfast whilst I was visiting them in Sydney. The area is very beautiful and fairly quiet with a lovely walk around the water. An idyllic spot to watch the boats glide by. The Waterfront Cafe and Store is where the local residents of Scotland Island – mostly artists, writers and creative spirits – come to chill out, or pick up supplies.

March Square | Squares

Squares and Cubes

If you fancy a distraction from the weather this month then join in with Becky’s (“A life of a 40 something”) March challenge of square photographs with the theme:

  1. Squared Squares’ – think multiple squares and squares within squares
  2. Squaring the Circle’ – the perfect post will be a circle within a square

March Square | 4th March