A Lingering Look at Windows: In the Garden

This weekly challenge is hosted by Dawn from ‘The Day After’ who invites participants to post pictures of any windows that  they find curious, inviting, photogenic, or in some way tell a story. Visit her blog to see more windows and/or to join in with the challenge.

Whilst visiting Stockton Bury Gardens in Herefordshire recently I also couldn’t help noticing some windows. The Tithe Barn obviously didn’t have windows, but does have huge doors. Now that it is used as a café new bi-fold windows have been added so that they can be open during good weather.window (5)

There is a window in the stable block, occupied by a pair of white doves it seems.

Inside the Stables
Inside the Stables

But difficult to spot them from the outside in May.

Exterior in May
Exterior in May

Budding wisteria in April


turns to dripping wisteria in May, and yes there is a window there if you look hard enough.

window (8)

and a cute little window in the ladies loo.

Window (2)

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39 thoughts on “A Lingering Look at Windows: In the Garden”

    1. Arrgh! Your Suffolk cottage looks gorgeous and now you tell me it had wisteria too? I’d love a place like that – sadly houses are getting more expensive again here, which is really stupid as they are already far too expensive! I fear there will be another crash before long.

        1. Well I think the prices are unsustainable – mortgages at 11 x avg. annual salary?? Really?? And London is beyond a joke. I wish our purchase hadn’t bombed out in December, because I think now everyone selling is going to demand the often overvalued asking price 😦
          My theory is that the govt are not making too many waves because of the General Election next year. After that who knows! This country is still spending beyond its means and this cannot carry on indefinitely.

          And yes, a crystal ball would be useful.

          Does this mean you have decided to return to England?

        2. Your last question? Yes. 28 June. I’ve bookmarked the bbc article to read later. It looks a bit depressing (for us). I wonder where we’ll end up? In a rabbit hutch somewhere?

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