Monthly Photo Challenge: A year in Ludlow

(The header shows what it should look like at this time of year)

lime tree collage
A year of the lime (linden) trees

Here is a slideshow of images taken throughout the year and if you want to view each month then please follow the links at the end.

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One of the most beautiful things about Britain is the changing season. From the fresh greens and soft rains in spring, the bountiful colours and long light-filled evenings of summer, the turning colours and misty mornings of autumn to the frosty clear days of winter. There is nothing quite like it and I treasure the constant shift. And thanks to this challenge I have enjoyed recording this year around my home town and sharing its beauty with you. I hope you have enjoyed it too. I have also enjoyed looking around localities at different times of the year all over the world.

The Cardinal  ran a photo project going throughout 2015 – a blogging event, a monthly photo challenge. The idea was to find a location near your home, take somewhere between 5-20 photos and post them in a gallery in your blog and to continue to do so every month. The idea was to capture all the changes: the seasons, the weather, different times of the day, some night photography perhaps? And news is that he is going to run the challenge for another year. So maybe you will join in?


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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

49 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: A year in Ludlow”

  1. Lovely photos Jude, as always. As over here (Belgium) the change between the months and seasons hasn’t been so markedly evident as in previous years.

    1. You have to wonder whether Europe will continue to have any seasonal changes or just become wet and warm all year round! Hope not!

  2. Is he now? Running it again? I haven’t kept up with it but it does give you the opportunity to showcase Cornwall, if you get a wiggle on. 🙂 What a pretty little spot you’re leaving, Jude! You’ve done it proud 🙂 Thanks for reminding me about the slide show too. I got carried away with my ‘big’ photos and forgot all about it!
    OH feeling better now he’s home? James just got back and he says no obvious problems in Leeds. (but he does live in a 4th floor flat on higher ground 🙂 ) Poor old York!

    1. The Cardinal is running it again, in two formats, the same as this year or just posting one image that represents the month for you. I may just do that until we move.

  3. A gorgeous gallery Jude .. just shows one really doesn’t have to travel far at all for pictures that stand out from the crowd . This challenge seems to train the eye to concentrate on diverse scenes and details . Lovely !

    1. I have enjoyed the discipline of this challenge, just taking 30 or so images for the post, and really concentrating on what to showcase. It has been fun. Thank you Poppy 🙂

    1. A great challenge for getting me to observe what is around me! Hope you are OK, heard that bush fires were heading your way 😦

      1. The whole peninsula has had fires raging but nothing in Fish Hoek this time thankfully. Scarborough has been blazing for days. Three helicopters flew over my house at about 7pm last night before nightfall. To make matters worse the wind has been PUMPING since I got back from my Bots/Zim trip, which just fans the flames like crazy. Hopefully they are all contained now.

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