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We are back in San Francisco this week with a another look at the Historic Streetcars, this time in blue.

San Francisco Municipal Railway (1940s), No.130, built in 1914, is currently awaiting restoration after 102 years of service with the original wiring. Car No. 130 was among the the last ‘Iron Monsters’ to leave passenger service. In 1958. Muni shop foreman Charlie Smallwood saved it from the scrap heap by hiding it in the back of Geneva carhouse while its mates met their fates.

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company, No.1060, built in 1947. This streetcar is an actual Philadelphia streetcar painted in that city’s original PCC livery, dating from 1938, of silver with cream window area and electric blue striping. The similarity to the packaging of Kraft’s famous ‘Philadelphia Cream Cheese’ did not go unnoticed, providing the car a nickname — the Cream Cheese Car.

San Francisco Municipal Railway (1940s), No.1010, built 1948. This car is painted in tribute to the ‘Magic Carpets’, as Muni’s first five modern-design streetcars were known.

If you want to learn more about San Francisco’s historic streetcars and cable cars then please visit the Market Street Railway Museum.

Can you find any blue transport?

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40 thoughts on “Life in Colour”

  1. What interesting old trams with a great history. Blue transport brings back great memories for me of 1985 when jack brought me for my first visit to Australia and we bought a decrepit old, rusty blue van we christened “. Blue Heeler” that was way before digital photos, but I have albums full of old photos I haven’t looked through for ages. Maybe now is the time for me to take a trip down memory lane…🤗🚙

      1. Correct on both counts Jude. We named it after the dog as it was such a reliable goer and, of course, because of its colour. Now to get the photo albums out…

  2. Wow…cream cheese car! what a great find you have.
    I better start looking for blue cars.. Hope I spot over here somehow.
    All I see in the neighborhood are all Audis and BMW–I wanna looked for cool blue cars like those you´ve had.
    Thanks for this very informative post Jude.

  3. Great captures! No blue transports here! Our busses are either green or yellow depending on whether they travel within the city or out on the countryside to the surrounding villages.

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