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We are back in San Francisco this week with a another look at the Historic Streetcars, this time in blue.

San Francisco Municipal Railway (1940s), No.130, built in 1914, is currently awaiting restoration after 102 years of service with the original wiring. Car No. 130 was among the the last ‘Iron Monsters’ to leave passenger service. In 1958. Muni shop foreman Charlie Smallwood saved it from the scrap heap by hiding it in the back of Geneva carhouse while its mates met their fates.

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company, No.1060, built in 1947. This streetcar is an actual Philadelphia streetcar painted in that city’s original PCC livery, dating from 1938, of silver with cream window area and electric blue striping. The similarity to the packaging of Kraft’s famous ‘Philadelphia Cream Cheese’ did not go unnoticed, providing the car a nickname — the Cream Cheese Car.

San Francisco Municipal Railway (1940s), No.1010, built 1948. This car is painted in tribute to the ‘Magic Carpets’, as Muni’s first five modern-design streetcars were known.

If you want to learn more about San Francisco’s historic streetcars and cable cars then please visit the Market Street Railway Museum.

Can you find any blue transport?

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40 thoughts on “Life in Colour”

  1. What wonderful, iconic images – but doesn’t the colour make a difference! Have to say, I’m not a cream cheese fan, but I do prefer the silky smooth luxury look of the ‘Cream Cheese Car!’

    1. I use Philly inside a chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto. Yummy! I was thinking that I could have used that car last month, it is very silver.

  2. Aren’t they lovely? Is the weather too hot for you? Fraggle, oop north, was complaining about 27C. Due to hit 35C here today but hopefully will cool after that. Beach, here I come!

    1. 24C here I think and yes a bit too hot for gardening. Do you swim? I can’t lie on a beach and I need shade. I assume you have parasols? 35C would have me inside!

      1. It’s about 32C now. Tends to increase till about 6.00. There was a lovely breeze over on the Ilha and it’s a beautiful boat trip out there. Quite a few restaurants and it’s very popular with the Portuguese for Sunday lunch. I did lie for a while this morning cos I had a rubbish night, but mostly I potter and smile at people. 🤣💕 Any news for your young un about an op yet? 🤔💕

        1. Hope you have a big hat to shade your face! And no news yet. But he is coming down for a visit next week, G and the granddaughters are coming too, but they are camping in Carbis Bay. Hope the weather stays fine for them, not too hot as they have a cockapoo now!

        1. Ah, the cable cars. I wouldn’t want to be on the outside. I loved travelling around on the cable cars and the historic streetcars. Staying where we did in Fisherman’s Wharf meant we were close to the terminus of both.

    1. Indeed, you have brought the sun back from Spain. Long may it last! I bet you have a blue bicycle in your archives. Or a blue bus. But any blues will do – more suggestions during the rest of the month.

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