postcard from america

San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf “On the Pier” with views of Telegraph hill and the Coit tower, the Transamerica pyramid building and what could be 555 California Street both in the financial district and the blocks of buildings like sugar cubes strewn upon the hills…

“I loved staying down on Fisherman’s Wharf whenever I have visited San Francisco. We always stayed at the Argonaut which is a bit ‘kitsch’ but they have wine in the afternoon if you can get back for it and very decent wine too! It is also close to the Powell- Hyde line cable car, just around the corner and up the hill, and the historic street-cars that come this way. I love them all. I also loved wandering around the historic piers: people watching; seeing ferries come and go; looking out for the sea-lions and the birds; feeling the sun on my back as I sat and looked up at the city, with a salty tang in the air and the waft of sourdough and crab: deciding where to go next… “

postcard from america

Pier 39 – San Francisco

Who would have thought that sea-lions had so many collective nouns?

  1. A bob of sea lions
  2. A colony of sea lions
  3. A crash of sea lions
  4. A flock of sea lions
  5. A harem of sea lions  ………….. a group of females with one male
  6. A herd of sea lions
  7. A hurdle of sea lions
  8. A pod of sea lions
  9. A raft of sea lions
  10. A rookery of sea lions
  11. A team of sea lions

Which is your favourite?