California dreaming

Everything is free

Walking along the shoreline in San Diego I was virtually swamped by an explosion of colour – first these vibrant vending machines offering me a multitude of free advertising leaflets and then a stall full of colourful ceramic fishes.

Colourful fishies

I was definitely getting into the carnival spirit

and by the time I reached the kites down at Seaport Village


my energy levels were rising


and I was feeling very happy. After all it was February and here I was walking in sunny California 🙂

Don’t you feel more cheerful now?

autumnal colour

Ailsa is looking for intensity this week so what about this apple orchard inside the walled garden at Berrington Hall? There was a lot of vibrant colour there this week: the fiery reds and sulphuric yellows were in competition.

I’m delighted to see so much colour around at this time of year. I shall soak it in to get me through the grey days of the coming winter.

A Lingering Look at Scottish Windows

This week in Kirkcudbright — pronounced Kirr-coo-bree — I have been checking out the property in the old town, notable for its colourful façades.  Obviously an excuse to have a  lingering look at the windows.

Some are very colourful:

Barbie Pink House on Union Street
Pretty Blue House on Castle Street
What about pink and purple?

Some are very elegant:

Grey and White Villa
Broughton House

Others are unusual:

eleagant-2     unusual

And then there are those that entice you to enter:


or just wonder about:

Local red sandstone – note the pilasters and capitals

This weekly challenge is hosted by Dawn from ‘The Day After’ who invites participants to post pictures of any windows that  they find curious, inviting, photogenic, or in some way tell a story. Visit her blog to see more windows and/or to join in with the challenge.